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Angel Wing Car Light Mirror Light Universal Car Led Welcome Lights

3000.00 4000.00 Price Includes Shipping

New trend Angel wing welcome lights for your car Compatability: These are universal lights, can be installed on any car provided there is provision on your car outside rear view mirrorrs to accommodate these light housing. please check it before placing order. For Volkswagen / Skoda / audi / any car which came with Foot lights thare is no need of any module Cars without footwell lights should use the module which will be provided in the package

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  • High Quality Material: Durable Material, Strong Wear Resistance, and Waterproof Function.
  • Unique Personality Design: Highlighting the unique style of the vehicle, the personality design adds unique charm to your vehicle.
  • Safety Guidance: Provide clear and soft ground projection to provide additional safety guidance for night driving and reduce the burden of driving




  • The price is for 2pcs 
  • Clear quartz lens for high-definition projection
  • Waterproof&resistant to high temperatures
  • Universal and compatible with all types of cars with or without lights on the mirror



  • If you want the angel wings to light on all the time, you need to connect to both headlight and battery.
  • If you just connect it to the battery, it will just light up for 30 seconds when unlock the car.
  • If you don't want the angel wings to be on all the time, you can connect it to turn light and battery. And it will light on     when you unlock the car and turn on your turn signal. For our latest double control type, the left wing will light on when     turning left. and the right-wing will light on when turning right.
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