Shock Absorber Spring Buffer Damping Cushions set of 2

Type A 2pcs Transparent Color Car Shock Absorber Spring Bumper Power Auto Buffers Springs Bumpers Cushion
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  • Features:

    1. Effectively solve the problem of springs weakness when heavy load improves the performance of shock absorber.
    2. Improve driving comfort and be more stable during the curve corner.
    3. Reduce the pumping of the absorber when passing through the road hump or yellow line.
    4. Reduce noise and vibration during traveling
    5. Protect shock absorber and suspension system to avoid oil leak.
    6. Extend absorber life more than 2 times.
    7. Improve braking efficiency.
    8. Size for all types of cars including lowered spring and adjustable.
    Nine. Easy installation.
    10. Color: Transparent
    11. Size: A - detailed size on pictures

    Function introduction:

    (1) Improve driving stability, enhance driving comfort and enjoy driving pleasure;
    (2) It can reduce the vibration of the car body finitely and absorb the noise of the suspension system;
    (3) Solve the problem of spring weakness and increase the car body by 0.2-0.3 cm;
    (4) Limited buffering and absorption of instantaneous pressure caused by rugged road surface to avoid damage to the damping system.

    Installation method:

    1. It can be installed in the 4S shop. Park the car on a flat surface before installation, and prepare the buffer rubber, wheel jack (if the condition is more convenient on the rack), soapy water (can also be replaced by detergent dilution water);
    2. Lift the car body of the mounting part with the wheel jack and the spring is stretched for easy installation. You can fully see the shock absorber spring and no need to rise too high;
    3. Spray the soapy water to clean the spring (mainly remove the sand stain on the spring surface), and also spray some soapy water on the cushioning rubber (sufficient lubrication will make it easier for the spring to be seated and calibrated). After installation, thoroughly clean the soapy water to prevent car safety parts - the shock-absorbing spring rusts and breaks or causes human injury;
    4. Install the cushion rubber in the middle of the spring. After the wheels are installed, put down the car body and confirm that the spring is inserted into the cushion rubber.

    Packing List:

    Damping Rubber *2

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